Career Planning

This is the first step in your journey to a successful career. In this session, you will undergo a personality test and initial interview to know your employment background, educational attainment, and transferable skills. Personality test will help in identifying which types of companies/organizations you would more likely to jive in. The labour market will also be discussed thoroughly.

Resume and Cover Letter Writting

You and your career advisor will sit down to talk about your career plans. Based on what you have discussed, the career advisor will prepare a draft copy of your revised resume for your approval. Once you accepted the revised resume, you will then be given a generic copy of your cover letter which you can modify every time you send an application.

Interview Coaching

The interview is considered as the ultimate step in the job search process. In this session, you will be taught about the conventionally-accepted interview formulas. You will be prepared to answer both behavioural and situational questions. You will also be exposed to various types of interviews.

Studying in Canada

Your career advisor will guide you in looking for an academic program that suits your personality, interest as well as your career goals. You will get help in the forms of (1) researching an appropriate school for you, (2) preparing the necessary admissions requirements, and (3) getting acceptance letter.

Online Portfolio

Networking does not only happen during career fairs. It also happens online, anytime. Let us help you manage your social media presence to make sure that you catch the attention of possible employer.

Experiential Learning Program

Expose yourself to the actual Canadian workplace. Apply the theories you learned from school while doing actual tasks. Surely, you will be able to enrich yourself with new skills, attitude, and unveil your capabilities even more.

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