Established on the premise of cooperation - that by helping others improve their ways of life; they, too, can help shape the community they are in. Thus, "Improving one's life is improving the community as a whole" mantra came into being.


Careers360 opened its virtual doors to job seekers in August 2015. Initially, the founder was just providing free career planning and development services to his friends from around the world through Facebook, Skype, and Viber from his basement suite. The thought of offering online career development services to the general public was only realized when the founder’s best friend, who is also a career development professional, encouraged him to extend his help to individuals whom government-funded employment agencies are not able to reach.


With the founder’s 10 years of continuous career progress, he has experienced working both in the academe and the industry. He started working as a simple faculty member of a university to being the founder of a cause-driven firm. He believes that an individual should further hone his skills that he is keen on utilizing. It has been proven when individuals are excited and happy in what they do, positive results follow like good pay, career progression and competitiveness in the labour market to name a few. Hence, career planning is important for individuals who are thinking of changing careers, improving the state of their careers, or just want to start anew for them to know their key skills to emphasize and other skills that they need to improve on.


Sound advice from a seasoned career development professional is worthy of emulation. Individuals will have a clear picture as to what jobs will be suitable for them based on their personalities, hobbies, and interests among others. Individuals will have options as to which training programs to take to further enrich their skills. Individuals will get ideas of which industries would be hiring for specific job titles in the coming year/s.




Careers360 helps job seekers in BC especially in the lower mainland to become work-ready. Assistance is available online, by telephone or in-person (on-appointment basis). Services include career planning, labour market overview discussion, resume writing, interview coaching, and professional networking for job seekers.

This Careers360’s mandate was set in April of 2016 through a discussion with friends in the career development field. During the discussion, it was concretely emphasized that Careers360’s inception was to provide high calibre career development services to job seekers across BC so that they would be able to land their respective dream careers.



Careers360 envisions itself to become the career development company of first choice in British Columbia. The leading career development company that follows high degree of code of ethics and conduct in providing various career services to its clientele.



Careers360’s mission is to provide job seekers with high-quality career development services from career planning, resume writing, interview coaching, and hidden job market exploration among others to maximize employment opportunities.


Building strong dynamic partnerships with job seekers, employers and institutions of higher learning to help bridge the gap between academic learning and industry-specific work requirements.