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Welcome to Careers360

Preparing you ahead.

Preparing ahead means that Carees360 students are proactive and forward-thinking individuals. They believe that as professionals they have to keep on improving and that they have to keep on learning. 

The pandemic has left majority of the workers jobless and were caught unaware. Careers360 wishes to help the students to prepare for any eventualities the future may bring by constantly upgrading their skills and preparing for the future.

Career Cards


Careers360 metamorphosed from a career counselling company into a boutique academy. Established in 2015 to provide top-tier career development services both to local and international career seekers. In a span of seven years, it has helped many individuals realize their dream careers through undergoing rigid career development programs. 


As it moves forward as a learning hub offering specialty courses and unique pathway programs. It promises to adhere to provide progressive and up-to-date courses to ensure students learn the theories aligned to what they will be doing in the workplace. 


In the usual Careers360 approach, students get to immerse with interactive lessons and real-life activities with hands-on one-to-one facilitation. This is an effective approach in distance learning, which Careers360 is espousing.

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