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Welcome to Careers360

Preparing you ahead.

At Careers360, we strive to empower students to tackle challenges and take on new experiences through the most up-to-date courses. On this website, you’ll find  information about our courses, our team, or our methodology. 

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Why Careers360?

  • You Decide on Your Start Date

We do not follow the usual cohort intake. We adhere on continuous enrollment scheme because everyone’s needs are different. You can enroll in any of our programs and/or courses at anytime.


  • Flexi-Schedule

You design your own academic plan. We let you design how you are going to manage your academic requirements. We just need the full commitment from you to accomplish everything based on your approved plan.


  • Student-Friendly Pricing

We believe that education should be accessible and affordable. We have devised some ways to make sure that all our courses are priced with our students in mind.


  • Competency-based Approach

You only learn things that matter to your career requirements. We have ensured that you will only get the best learning experience which you can readily bring to the workplace. You will develop and enhance your skills through industry-based discussions and hands-on tasks.


  • Self-Directed, Distance Learning

We understand that nowadays everybody juggles various tasks at the same time. We thought of giving our students a little flexibility with learning and accomplishing coursework requirements. All materials are readily available in the online platform: recorded discussions, tasks, and quizzes, which they can access from anywhere at anytime. This way, they can still focus on their studies with ease.

Featured Courses

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